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/ ‘twɪtʃə/


1. a birdwatcher whose main aim is to collect sightings of rare birds. \ Oxford Dictionary \ 

2. >…so passionate about bird spotting he/she will rush anywhere at a moment’s notice just to see some rare bird. \ Urban Slang Dictionary \ 

3. The New, Improved You. \ Hummingbird Slang Dictionary \ 

How it works

Earn equity in your favourite startups. If your tip leads to our investment, we will commit up to €50.000 on your behalf. 

1. Recommend Great Startups

Twitcher finds and nominates great investment opportunities on an occasional basis

2. Get Notified

In case we decide to explore your recommendation further, we will notify you

3. Invest On Our Tab

If we invest, we will commit up to €50.000 on your behalf, depending on the size of our investment

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Who are we

Hummingbird Ventures builds the tech companies of tomorrow by empowering exceptional entrepreneurs with swift access to essential advice, radical candor, 
funding & organizational design expertise.

Based in Antwerp and London, the Hummingbird team participated in 0->100m+ revenue startups in more than 10 countries.

What are we looking for

Early-stage startups founded by exceptional entrepreneurs. We invest globally across multiple verticals. Initial Investment range: $500K to $5M

Who are Twitchers

Industry insiders, startup enthusiast, early-adopters, tech-journalists, angel investors, or anyone who has an interesting edge

We help extraordinary entrepreneurs succeed

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